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Perfume Solid Intense

Hand-crafted eco-luxury solid parfum intense

Moon Tide


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Surfing the ebb & flow of life

Solid Parfum Intense Oriental Chypre
Top Clean & creamy floral notes, inc. elemi & elderflower
Heart Soothing woody floral accord inc. ho wood & vanilla
Base Earthy oakmoss & silver fir contribute to sylvan forest notes

Moon Tide

Freedom Scents Solid Parfum | Cologne Intense will infuse with your own natural scent alchemy, to create a perfectly unique signature scent.

The Journey

Moon Tide embraces you with woody, amber accords as it transports you to a liminal space, that blooms with a comforting warm woody rose.

The Story

By the ebb & flow of a resting tide
The ancient evergreens
Reaching out
Across a haematite sea
Time is broken
By the aeons
Of space between
& the haunting
Poetry of sirens
& Whale-song
On the horizon
& in the heart
Dawn breaks

The Little Solid Parfum | Cologne Ritual

To apply your Solid Parfum | Cologne Intense, use fingertips to dab temples & forehead & smudge into pulse points.

Decanted into cute & handy little pots that can go anywhere & everywhere with you - utterly natural, & no nasties, so you can feel free to repeat your perfume ritual wherever & whenever & as often you like.  


  • Ethical, Sustainable Natural Botanical.
  • Certified organic & ethically wild-harvested/ wildcrafted plant extracts & essences.
  • Cruelty-free & vegan.
  • Synthetic-free: free from alcohol, phthalates, parabens, petroleum, GMOs, pesticides, fungicides & insecticides.
  • IFRA (International Fragrance Association) compliant.
  • Artisan-made in small batches for freshness, using traditional methods of botanical alchemy.
  • Specialised UV-protective, dark-glass bottles & jars protect the superior quality & energetic integrity of the volatile ingredients inside.
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