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Hand-crafted eco-luxury solid parfum intense



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Breathe in the power of the mountains...

find your self there

Solid Parfum Intense Aromatic Fougere
Top Invigorating citrus aroma with fresh floral rhododendron nuances
Heart Verdant herbals & spicy florals Inc. clary sage & rose geranium
Base A woodland accord inc. amber, cedarwood, vetiver & oakmoss

The Journey

Lore develops quickly with fresh wholesome opening notes of high-altitude herbals: Lavender, Clary sage & Rosemary that bring a verdant woody - spice to the overall scent. A softer side interweaves through settling down into a clean but comfortable amber base. Lore follows the lineage of the traditional olfactory group aromatic-fougere with a contemporary avant-garde twist!

The Story

Mountain pathways
Carrying steadfast
Timeless truth
Of sovereignty
Of Honour
Of Ancient lore
The empowerment of eminence
Of distance oceanic vistas

The Little Solid Parfum Ritual

To apply your Solid Parfum Intense, use fingertips to dab temples & forehead, gently rub into decolletage & smudge into pulse points.

Freedom Scents Solid Parfum Intense will infuse with your own natural scent alchemy, to create a perfectly unique fragrance to be enjoyed by you & those lucky enough to get close to you. 

Decanted into cute & handy little pots that can go anywhere & everywhere with you - utterly natural, no nasties, non-toxic & IFRA (International Fragrance Association) compliant, so you can feel free to repeat your perfume ritual wherever & whenever & as often you like.  

Ethical, Sustainable Natural Botanical Perfume Certified organic & ethically wild-harvested/ wildcrafted plant extracts & essences.

All ingredients comply with IFRA {International Fragrance Association} safety standards.

Free from alcohol, phthalates, parabens, petroleum, GMOs, pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, and synthetics.

Always Cruelty-free & vegan. Artisan-made in small batches for freshness, using traditional methods of botanical alchemy, your parfum is decanted into specialised UV-protective, dark-glass jars to protect the superior-quality, volatile ingredients inside & dispatched directly from us to you.


Intense parfum! The lavender, clary sage & rosemary dance into a verdant embrace, settling to a comforting amber hug. A modern twist on classic aromatic-fougere. Quite captivating!
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